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Frequently Asked Questions

Coastal Mosquito Control offers a variety of outdoor pest control solutions. From mosquito control, fleas, ticks, ants and more we will always offer the best solutions for your needs, 


Here you will find common questions about what we offer. If you have further questions please don't hesitate to giveus a call

What is the mosquito control process like?

Our mosquito control service is performed using a backpack misting blower. This broadcasts a fine mist of solution to the appropriate treatable areas. 

Is it pet safe?

Yes. Our mosquito treatments are pet safe and friendly after just a short dry time. Typically about 30 minutes. This ensures there is no product transfer to unwanted areas. 

I have a pool, will what you spray affect it?

No. We will not directly spray into or towards your pool. 

I have a vegetable garden, is it safe for my edible plants?

We do not spray or treat around any edible gardens. 

Will it harm the bees?

We do not spray any blooming flowers directly. In such cases we will lower the application power and treat more toward the base of the bush, avoiding open blooms where bees are pollinating. 

Do I have to stay inside while you're treating my yard?

We do request you remain inside during active application time. We wear protective gear and would want the same for you. 

What is the dry time?

Typically the dry time after being applied is about 30 minutes. Shaded areas and cooler days can affect the dry time. 

Do I have to be home?

Being home is your preference. We are great communicators and will let you know when on route and when complete. We just ask for pets to be indoors and any access gates be unlocked or accessible. 

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